Luca Businaro

I'm a Micro and nanotechnology scientist with more than ten years’ experience in development of top-down fabrication techniques and their exploitation in several research and industrial fields with particular regard to photonics, microfluidics and bio-medical applications. From Oct 2007 ti Dec 2010, I tought micro and nano fabrication techniques, as contract professor, at the University of Trieste (Faculty of Medicine).

Currently my research interests concerns the applications of micro and nanofabrication (mainly electron beam and imprinting lithography) to cellomics and living cells spectroscopy.

My primary duties involve the development and exploitation of x-ray, electron beam and focussed ion beam lithographies and related clean room processes aimed to chemical and biological applications. During the past decade I acquired a particular expertise in all these fabrication techniques. Thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of the synchrotron working environment I got involved in projects which span several research fields ( photonics, diffractive optical elements and, more recently, mainly microfluidic and bio-nano devices). Now I coordiante the Eureka project “Miniaturized Bragg Mirror on Silicon Chip”, a bilateral Italy-Israel project and I'm partner in an Italian Cancer Research Association (AIRC) project.

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