Francesco Mattioli

Francesco Mattioli, PhD ResearcherInstitute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies (IFN)National Research Council of Italy (CNR) via Cineto Romano 42, 00156 Rome, Italy Phone: +39 06 41522 263 Fax: +39 06 41522 220 email: francesco.mattioli@ifn.cnr.itGoogle Scholar:


Quantum Computation and Quantum Information

I attended the creation and characterization of devices for solid state implementation of a two-level system and the reading of its state in the framework of "quantum state engineering" for "quantum computation" and "quantum information". The devices exploit the properties of superconducting Josephson junctions circuits in an appropriate geometry. The manipulation of the quantum state of a single q-bit or two coupled q-bits is done by checking macroscopic quantities (currents and voltages). This work done in the framework of the project RSFQUBIT was aimed at implementation of q-bit control and measure based on RSFQ (Rapid Single Flux Quantum logic) logic.

Superconducting Single Photon Detectors (SSPD)

Devices capable of detecting at high-frequency infrared single-photon found a natural application in interplanetary broadband communications, semiconductor circuits analysis and quantum key distribution. The SSPD are photonic devices whose operating principle is based on a combination of the superconducting properties of the material and the size of the nanoscale device. The high frequency of use, low dark count quantum efficiency that have reached with the progress of work under the project SINPHONIA make this class of devices particularly promising for technological applications.

Bolometers and radiation detectors

Using the techniques of micro and nanofabrication I participated in the creation and characterization of bolometers for the detection of various types of electromagnetic radiation. Among these were made hot electron bolometer (based on superconductor / insulator / normal metal junctions with size submicrometric), traditional bolometers on suspended silicon nitride membranes (spider web bolometers) and hotspots bolometers. The applications of this class of device ranges from astrophysics to security. Doped semiconductor thermometers were characterized for the implementation in spider web bolometers.


I'm using micromachining and nanofabrication techniques to create the shuttering element of a time of flight neutral particle analyzer for the ELENA instrument in the project SERENA thatwas recently selected by ESA to participate in the scientific mission to Mercury BepiColombo.

Single Electron Transistor (SET)

I have realized and characterized at low temperature single electron transistor based on sub micrometric Superconducting / insulator / superconductor junctions for the study of the physics of mesoscopic systems and their application in quantum engineering.


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