Dr. Stefano Selci

Stefano Selci is a senior scientist at IFN. He has a many years of activity on optical spectroscopies and scanning probes, and realizing the first Italian STM (Scanning Tunneling Microscope).

He has produced some fundamental papers on the explorations, analysis and modeling of surface states, in particular about the dielectric function concept applied to surface states. Within the STM activity, he has also participated in the CNR’s "Genetic Engineering" Project, within the International “Genoma project” lead by prof. Dulbecco.

He is the PI of the hyperspectral confocal microscopy (HSI) activity at IFN-CNR, responsible for its design and implementation, leading the effort of merging concepts from optical physics with biologic exploration.

The high spatial resolution X,Y and Z, acquisition of reflectance images typical of any confocal microscope, has been combined with the hyperspectral acquisition of an extended and continuous spectrum from the visible to medium infrared regions (from 0.5um up to 2.4um wavelengths) for every point of the obtained images by using a supercontinuum laser source.

The microscope, in fact, aims to develop new methods for early diagnosis of skin cancers, or other similar tasks. However, because of the reflectance mode of this HSI, it can be useful for other more technological applications as well.

The current effort is to apply statistical methods as well as first-principle optical modelling to discriminate among cellular groups that are both different or with a different biological state.

Selected references

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