Fotonica in Gioco

Some of the games realized for the "Fotonica in Gioco" competition for Italian High School Students.

It is possible to reproduce and try these games with the help and the authorization of the authors and with the material here supplied.

c- The speed of light

Best 10 Games

Special mention for the use of technological elements

c-The Speed Of Light it’s a game which requires concentration, fast hands, but also a bit of strategy and a dash of fortune! You win if you reach first the speed of light… without overtaking it! Are you going to be good enough and know exactly when to stop? Challenge yourself and your friends, have fun and go at the speed of light!

Liceo Statale A. Manzoni, Latina, Italy


Fotonics 2015

The aim of the game is to teach and to make clear a lot of curiosities about this topic, always keeping in mind the fun and the interaction among players, they will have to answer to some questions in order to conquer “The Biggest Bulb of Our Solar System”, our Sun.

But pay attention to the “ERRORS” of the Robots: the Universe is a zone still pervaded by obscurity and danger, play FOTONIC 2015 to enlighten it. The final purpose is to arrive on the box of the Sun, moving yourself following the path of the various boxes.

Liceo Cairoli, Vigevano, Italy


Lampo di Genio

Best 10 Games

Special mention for the high quality of the game

Lampo di Genio is an enthusiastic and educational board game, in which you are a scientist and, before you, you have an enormous view of the Universe and its laws to explore! Your aim is to discover the behaviour of light.. Make your discoveries, add your hexagon, pay attention not to lose your resources and be the first one who discovers the Light Theory to win the game!!!

Liceo Scientifico G. B. Grassi, Latina, Italy


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