IFN - CNR Rome is involved in different outreach activities and project. In particular:

    • Conferences in schools and public events

    • Projects for schools

    • Realization of exhibitions, laboratories and events

    • Organization of competitions and challenges

    • Development of educational board-games

    • Open days

    • Stages for high school students


A series of live YouTube and Facebook broadcasts on science, music and games.


Fotonica in Gioco

The Institute is organizing Fotonica in Gioco, a competition for Italian High School Students for the creation of an original board game related to the themes of light and Photonics.


Phablabs 4.0

IFN- CNR is part of the European Project PHABLABS 4.0. The concept of PHABLABS 4.0 is based on combining the World of Photonics with the growing creative ecosystem of existing Fab Labs. Joining forces of top experts from 13 European photonics institutes and STEM-oriented organizations with Fab Lab stakeholders, PHABLABS 4.0 will deliver 33 Photonics Workshops, 11 Photonics Challengers (The Photonics Challenge) and Photonics Toolkits tailored for three different target groups.


Lab on a Chip

Role/board game for the introduction of nano-biotechnologies such as “lab on a chip” devices. A simulated “war” between bacteria and macrophages of the immune system with players moving as “pawns” on a 64 mq “board”. Presented at the Festival della Scienza di Genova 2012 (about 800 participants).

Contacts: fabio.chiarello@ifn.cnr.it


Quantum Race

A simple board game developed as a support to introduce complex quantum mechanical principles (wavefunctions, delocalization, wave-particle duality, collapse, tunnel effect etc.), based on the simulation of a race with “quantum “ cars.

Quantum Race Live

Live version of the board game “Quantum Race”, with players moving as “pawns” on a 70 mq “board”. Presented at the Festival della Scienza di Genova 2011 (about 1000 participants).