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THz superconducting detectors and THz metasurfaces



Superconducting cavities Thz


Sara Cibella
Pasquale Carelli
Maria Gabriella Castellano
Fabio Chiarello
Alessandro Gaggero
Ennio Giovine
Guido Torrioli
Roberto Leoni


Superconducting air bridge bolometer(1,2) made by 100 nm
Nb with an on-chip lithographic antenna :

•450 ns rise time constant (BW 1 MHz)

•NEP 20 fW/ Hz

•Estimated optical bandwidth of the Log-spiral antenna BW ≈ 0.4 -2.0 THz


Hot Electron Bolometer made by 5 nm NbN with an on-chip
lithographic antenna

•50ps rise time (BW 50GHZ)

•NEP 3x10-13 W/ Hz corresponding to TN 3000K

•Optical BW: 0.4-30 THz

Superconducting cavities Thz

Collaboration with G. Scalari et al., Quantum
Optoelectronics Group , ETH Zürich

Superconducting cavities (3-5)

•Increasing Q factor by lowering ohmic losses

•Changing the resonator characteristic trough the
superconducting transition.