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Francesca Bertani

Francesca Romana Bertani PhD, Researcher at the

Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR)
via Cineto Romano 42, 00156 Rome, Italy
Tel. +39 06 41522 245
Fax +39 06 41522 220


Scientific interests

  • Microfluidics and cell coculture models
  • Hyperspectral imaging methods
  • Optical and confocalmicroscopy
  • Multivariate analysis 
  • Fluorescence methods

Bertani FR, Botti E, Ferrari L, Mussi V, Costanzo A, D’Alessandro M, Cilloco F, Selci S

               Label-free and non-invasive discrimination of HaCaT and melanoma cells in a co-culture model by hyper-spectral confocal reflectance microscopy

               Journal of Biophotonics DOI: 10.1002/jbio.201500122

Visentin S, Barbero N, Bertani FR, Cestelli Guidi M, Ermondi G,  Viscardi G, Mussi V

               Multivariate Analysis Applied to Raman Mapping of Dye-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes: a Novel Approach to Support the Rational Design of Functional Nanostructures

               Analyst 2015,140, 5754-5763

Ledda M, De Bonis A, Bertani FR, Cacciotti I, Teghil R, Lolli MG, Ravaglioli A,  Antonella Lisi A, Rau JV

               Interdisciplinary Approach to Cell-Biomaterial Interactions: Biocompatibility and Cell Friendly Characteristics of RKKP Glass-Ceramic Coatings on Titanium

               Biomedical Materials 2015 10, 035005

Bertani F.R., Botti E., Costanzo A., Ferrari L., Mussi V., D’Alessandro M., Selci S.

               Label-free discrimination of cells undergoing apoptosis by hyperspectral confocual reflectance imaging

               Journal of the European Optical Society -Rapid publications 2013, 8,13078-1:13078-6

Bertani F.R., Ferrari L., Mussi V., Botti E., Costanzo A., Selci S.

               Living Matter Observations with a Novel Hyperspectral Supercontinuum Confocal Microscope for VIS to Near-IR Reflectance Spectroscopy

              Sensors 2013, 13, 14523-14542

Missori M., De Spirito M., Ferrari L., Selci S., Gnoli A., Bertani F.R., Girgis A.S:, El-Saied H., Basta A.H.

              Novel fluorescent security marker. Part I: morphological and optical properties of 2-amino-6-ethoxy-4-[4-(4- morpholinyl)phenyl]-3,5-pyridinedicarbonitrile nanoparticles

               J Nanoparticles Research 2012 14:649

Selci S., Bertani F.R., and Ferrari L.

              Supercontinuum ultra wide range confocal microscope for reflectance spectroscopy of living matter and material science surfaces

A.I.P. Advances 2011 Aug;1(3)

Pucci B., Bertani F., Indelicato M., Sale P., Lococo E., Grassi F., Pagani F., Colafrancesco V., Morgante E., Tafani M., Fini M. and Russo M.A.

               Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 Inhibits STS-induced Cell Death and Increases Functional recovery of in vitro Differentiated Neurons.

               Cell Cycle 2008 Dec 15; 7(24):3869-77

Pucci  B., Bertani F., Karpinich N.O., Indelicato M.,Russo M.A. ,  Farber J.L. and Tafani M.

              Detailing the role of Bax translocation, cytochrome c release, and perinuclear clustering of the mitochondria in the killing of HeLa cells by TNF.

               J Cell Physiol 2008 Nov; 217(2):442-9

Illario M, Giardino-Torchia ML, Sankar U, Ribar TJ, Galgani M, Vitello L, Masci AM, Bertani FR, Ciaglia E, Astone D, Maulucci G, Cavallo A, Vitale M, Cimini V, Pastore L, Means AR, Rossi G, and Racioppi L

              Calmodulin-dependent kinase IV links toll-like receptor 4 signaling with survival pathway of activated denditric cells

               Blood. 2008 Jan 15;111(2):723-31

De Spirito M, Roberto Brunelli R, Giampiero Mei G, Bertani FR, Ciasca G, Greco G, Papi M, Arcovito G, Fulvio Ursini F,and Parasassi T

              Low Density Lipoprotein Aged in Plasma Forms Clusters Resembling Subendothelial Droplets: Aggregation via Surface Sites

              Biophys J. 2006 June 1; 90(11): 4239–4247


Bertani F.R., Botti E., Cilloco F., Costanzo A., Ferrari L., Selci S.

                      PCT number PCT/IT2011/000181

                      Confocal, wide band spectral reflection microscope, and relevant spectral imaging method