Film deposition

    Sputtering (Ti, Al, Cr)
    Thermal evaporation (Au, Ag, Al, SiO, ITO)
    Sputtering for SEM specimens
    MRC sputtering

Balzers 510 evaporation system

- e-beam and thermal evaporation

- materials used: metals (Cr, Ti, Au, AuPd, ...) and oxides (SiO, ...)

- equipped with cryo pump

e-gun evaporator for tilted angle evaporation

- Balzers 510 system

- e-gun evaporator

- substrate holder modified to allow tilted angle evaporation

- used exclusively for metals (Cr, Au, Al, Cu, Ti....)


Sistec sputtering

 - dc-magnetron

- Al and Nb 4" targets

- 2" round and 3" square substrates

- load lock

- possibility of in-situ sputter etch in the load lock

- possibility of thermal oxidation in the load lock

- turbo pumps

NBN sputtering system

dc-magnetron sputtering of ultrathin NbN films

- Nb 2" target

- turbo pump


-the system is equipped also with an ion milling source

Thermal evaporation system dedicated to dielectric materials

- Two thermal evaporation sources
- Used exclusively for CaF2 and ZnS dielectric materials
- Substrate temperature and thickness control