Plasma Technology - Reactive Ion Etching

- available gases: CF4, CHF3, SF6, Ar, O2
- pumping system: roots
- rf power: up to 300 W

The Reactive Ion Etching is a process that can etch various materials in a rarefied atmosphere of an excited gas (plasma). The excitation consists in the production of radicals and ions from a neutral precursor by means of a radiofrequency discharge. The gases used in our system are: CF4, CHF3, SF6, Ar, O2. The electrode configuration is standard, planar, the samples are placed on the cathode. In the system, for particular values of the process parameters (gas flow, gas pressure, discharge power) the etching is anisotropic and maintains the profile of the masking layer. This condition is very important for achieving submicron patterns. Materials that can be etched in the system are: silicon, silicon oxide, silicon nitride, titanium, niobium.