IFN-CNR Talk, November  29th 2019  

 La magnetoencelografia nell’era della generazione Z

Prof Vittorio Pizzella

IFN-CNR Talk, 11 October 2019  

Organic and hybrid semiconductors for printable thermoelectric devices

Prof Andrea Reale University of Rome Tor Vergata

IFN-CNR Talk, 30 September 2019  

Manipulation of new materials at nanometer scale for nanophotonic applications

 Dott. Stefano Cabrini

IFN-CNR Talk, 20 May  2019  

Expanding the capabilities of integrated quantum photonics

 Dott. Alberto Politi dell'Università di  Southampton 


IFN-CNR Talk, 27July 2018

 The Anticoincidence Detector of the X-IFU Instrument onboard of the ATHENA mission

Dr Guido Torrioli, IFN CNR Rome

IFN-CNR Talk, 13 July 2018


Dr Roberto Leoni, IFN CNR Rome

IFN-CNR Talk, 6 July 2018 

New platforms for photonic quantum technologies 

Dr Francesco Martini, IFN CNR Rome

IFN-CNR Talk, 28 June 2018 

On-surface synthesis: a tool for the growth of extended ordered 1D and 2D polymers

Dr Giorgio Contini ISM CNR,  University of Rome Tor Vergata


IFN-CNR Talk, 14 June 2018 

The Macroscopic Quantum Nature and its Evidences of the Josephson Effect: Reality and Auspices

Prof. Matteo Cirillo, University of Rome Tor Vergata

IFN-CNR Talk, 06 June 2018 

Introduzione alla superconduttività 

Prof. Pasquale Carelli, IFN CNR Rome

IFN-CNR Talk, 31 May 2018  

With a Bang: Gravitational Waves and Multi-Messenger Astronomy

Prof.ssa Viviana Fafone, University of Rome Tor Vergata, INFN 

IFN-CNR Talk, 20 April 2018

Human-Centered Biomedical Technologies

Dr. Giacinto Barresi, - IIT Genova