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Detectors for Photonic Applications and PArticles


1)      THz Detectors  (Cibella, DiGaspare)

Tags: Antenna-coupled detectors: Superconducting air-bridge bolometers and Air-bridge Schottky diodes; Two-dimensional electron-gas                 transistor mixers; QCL laser characterization/implementation;  metamaterials & filters, spectroscopy,  spectral signature …

Tags: Industria 2015-MELISSA, FIRB MIchele


2)      Superconducting Single Photon Detectors (SSPD) (Gaggero)

Tags: Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors, Photon number resolving detectors, Waveguide single photon detectors                          integrated on GaAS and Si  Waveguide …..

                  Tags: FP7-QUANTIP, FP6-SINPHONIA
People: A.Gaggero, F.Mattioli and R.Leoni

The superconducting nanowire single-photon detector (SNSPD), provides single photon sensitivity from visible to mid infrared wavelengths, with recovery times and timing precision orders of magnitude faster than existing single-photon detectors both based on superconducting materials (Transition Edge Sensor, TES) and its semiconductor competitors (Avalanche Photodiode Detectors, APD). In addition, this detector operates at the boiling point of liquid helium (2 - 4 K), a temperature now easily reachable thanks to the rapidly improving closed-cycle cooling technology.....continue....


3)      Neutral Particle Analyzer  (NPA) (Mattioli)

Tags: Detectors for aerospace applications: ELENA (Emitted Low-Energy Neutral Atoms) detector

Tags: Experiment SERENA of the ESA/ASI Bepicolombo mission to Mercury

People: A.Gaggero, F.Mattioli and R.Leoni

The neutral sensor ELENA (Emitted Low-Energy Neutral Atoms) for the ESA cornerstone BepiColombo mission to Mercury (in the SERENA instrument package) is a new kind of low energetic neutral atoms instrument, mostly devoted to sputtering emission from planetary surfaces, from E < 30 eV up to E~5 keV. This kind of ToF  system is able to directly  measure low-energy neutral atoms identifying Tstart and Tstop by means of a Start element (the Shuttering nanofabricated System) and the Stop element (a MCP detector). The incoming neutral particles hence pass through the entrance with a definite timing (START) and arrive to a STOP detector after a flight path....continue..


4)      Kinetic Inductance Detectors (KID) (Castellano)

Tags: particle detection, non equilibrium superconductivity…

Tags: FIRB con INFN di Castellano

Detectors:Technologies and Characterization

1)  NanoTechnologies (Leoni)

Tag: Deposition of photo-sensitive and particle-sensitive  thin-film materials (NbN, WSi, TiN, Nb…...)

Tag: Micro and nano machining of self-standing  SiN membranes

Tag: Relevant Clean room facilities: Electron Beam Lithography, dry-etching and thin-film technologies


2) Characterization Techniques and Electronics (Torrioli)

Tag: Development of quasi-optical responsivity measurement benches based on Quantum
         Cascade Lasers (2-4 THz) and Frequency-multiplied electronic oscillators (0.1-1 THz)

Tag: Detector readout electronics and  low noise electrical measurements

Tag: Cryogenics (helium bath cryostat with optical windows, refrigerator down to 0.3K,…)

Nanostructured Materials: novel synthesis and characterization methods
(Sabrina Foglia, Stefano Iacobucci, Lucia Quagliano, Leonardo Scopa)
Chemical synthesis of nanostructures
Optical and electronic properties

Superconducting Quantum Electronics
(Maria Gabriella Castellano, Fabio Chiarello, Guido Torrioli)
Quantum Information
Superconducting devices


X-ray micro-diffraction and phase contrast
(Alessia Cedola, Inna Bukreeva)
Biomineralization study in mammalian models: Early stage of mineralization, engineered bone, interaction of scaffold-biological tissue, scaffold resorption.
2D and 3D phase contrast  imaging for biomedical applications (biomaterials, mammography)
Development of X-ray optics and imaging techniques for new generation X-ray sources.