The IFN Rome is involved in a series of activities concerning scientific outreach in schools and other public contests. In particular:

  • Conferences in high schools and scientific events (Science Festivals etc.)
  • Realization of exhibitions, laboratories and events for Science Festivals
  • Development of educational board-games
  • Educational tours at IFN-Rome facilities
  • Stages for high school students

Fotonica in Gioco

The Institute is organizing Fotonica in Gioco, a competition for Italian High School Students for the creation of an original board game related to the themes of light and Photonics.

Lab on a Chip

Role/board game for the introduction of nano-biotechnologies such as “lab on a chip” devices. A simulated “war” between bacteria and macrophages of the immune system with players moving as “pawns” on a  64 mq “board”. Presented at the Festival della Scienza di Genova 2012 (about 800 participants).

The Big Bell Test

Quantum Race

A simple board  game developed as a support to introduce complex quantum mechanical principles (wavefunctions, delocalization, wave-particle duality, collapse, tunnel effect etc.), based on the simulation of a race with “quantum “ cars.

Winner of the special prize “Focus Brain Trainer” at the Archimede Competition for board games designers, 2010.

Presented at: Festival della Scienza di Genova 2011; “Imparare Sperimentando”  (Pordenone 2012); Public Comunication of Science Conference (Florence 2012); European Conference on Applied Superconductivity (Genova 2013); European Conference on Game Based Learning (Berlin, 2014).

Quantum Race Live

Live version of the board game “Quantum Race”, with players moving as “pawns” on a 70 mq “board”. Presented at the Festival della Scienza di Genova 2011 (about 1000 participants).